Active solar heating

Optimize your home's heating using solar energy. Active solar heating can assist your central air system and warm your floor boards. The technologies below harness the sun's energy and turn it into heat that can be used throughout your home! 

Liquid-Based Active Solar Heating

These systems use flat plate technology to capture and distribute heat. Solar energy is captured and dispersed throughout a non toxic, antifreeze liquid. Absorbing and retaining the heat it then is dispersed throughout the house through pipes. This system is used to warm your floorboards and works well even when outdoor temperatures are low. The only downside is storage for liquid-based systems that use water. They must be placed strategically or insulated to prevent freezing. 

Solar Air Heating

Solar air heating is a boost for your HVAC system. Some technologies can be connected to the and act as preheaters for your furnace. There are other technologies such as room air heaters and transpired air collectors that can directly heat rooms.  Both systems require collectors to be fastened via the roof or a south facing wall. The biggest difference between the two systems is scale. Room air heaters are more practical for homes while transpired air collectors are suited for large buildings. Air collectors are insulated and sealed with a dark panel facing outwards to absorb the solar energy. For room air heaters, the collectors then pull air from the room into the collector, and then re-distribute it when heated. Transpired air collectors are more suited for large buildings. Using dark perforated metal plates to cover the south facing wall an airspace is created between the collector and old wall. Fans blow the heated air into the building via many tiny holes.

These are a few of the many new technologies which can increase your energy efficiency and lessen your utility bills! Consider any or an assortment of these technologies when designing or looking to increase the efficiency of your home. Interested in learning more?

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