Effects on the home: extreme temperatures

Here in Colorado, as the seasons change so do the temperatures. We are lucky enough to see all four seasons, but we also see extreme hot flashes and cold snaps. These fluctuations in temperature are not only jarring for our bodies when we step outside, our homes take a hit as well. We are going to investigate what changing temperatures do to our homes and how we can avoid any unnecessary damage.

The cold

Winter time is both beautiful and brutal. Whipping winds and blizzards make staying home that much more appealing; however, what is that strange popping noise? Your house is adjusting to the difference in temperatures both outside and within, but how? When things cool they contract, the particles within a material move less and scrunch closer together. This happens to the outside of our homes while inside materials remain unaltered. Due to this compression from the outside in, materials may slip against one another which can cause a popping noise. Over time this can lead to a weakened structure however, your house is not falling apart if you hear a pop or two so no need to worry. 

Another ailment of extreme cold is cracking windows. The fluctuation in temperatures lead to stress cracks in the glass that can grow over time as conditions continue to change. These cracks can contribute to warm air leaking out and cold air sneaking in. Frozen pipes are another stressful situation extreme cold can get us into. Water unlike most other substances first contracts when cooled and then as it begins to freeze, it actually expands. This is an issue because pipes will contract when cold and as freezing water expands it will push out against the shrinking pipes. When the ice melts and the cracks are no longer blocked, water will leak through which is both dangerous and costly.

The heat

Heat and homes don’t interact as poorly as the cold and homes do. Instead of impacting your home directly, heat usually impacts your wallet more. Continually sunny and scorching days can bleach and peel paint from your exterior which is not a cheap fix. Similarly, electric bills can skyrocket in intense heat. While trying to keep your core temperature low, blasting the AC doesn't seem like an issue until the bill comes the next month! 

Our homes are like a little oasis away from unfavorable weather. We can control how comfortable we are with the click of a button. While your home is looking out for you make sure to keep up with maintenance so you are not losing any efficiency or money unnecessarily! Looking for someone to consult your home and space? Give us a call today and we here at Chason will get you squared away!
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